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With AAA Web Album you can ceate smooth web photo albums out of your digital photos, and upload
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22 September 2008

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Share your pictures with your family and friends through your website. It’s easy, but the problem lies in making an attractive and well arranged album and uploads it on to your website with ease. AAA Web Album 1.10 software comes in handy for selecting your favorite pictures and turning them into a beautiful album that can be directly uploaded to a website.

Them software AAA Web Album 1.10 is convenient with downloading and installation. Launch the software have the fun while you can make a web album for yourself. You can add the files separately or add the whole folders or making the album. Make the selection of the files and folders for creating the album that show up on the left side of the screen. You can change the style of all the pictures and the individual preview can be seen on the right side. You can delete the file or even rename the images by the right click on the image and mention the moment or name, etc. For arranging the pictures in a sequence you can move the images up and down. Even it becomes easy to change the view of the image to make it look better by rotating the image to different direction. The upper side of the program shows the number of selected files, files opened and all. You can have the style being modified as to your requirements. Enable resizing and change the width height, etc and select the resize mode. Change the frame and customize it to make it according to your liking by changing the style, color, texture, etc. You can change the setting for the mask and even load the new masks and also set the shadow style by changing the position and the properties. Press F1 for having the help guide if you need any assistance. Generate the web album by making the required selections and load it on the website.

The software deserves 4 rating point for its efficiency while performing the assigned task. Buy it and create your own beautiful albums to share with your loved ones through your website.

Publisher's description

AAA Web Album Software will help you to create smooth web photo albums out of your digital photos, and upload them on the Web. You can apply different styles to change the look and feel of your web albums. This tool is a freeware and can be download at: for free. If you don't have your own domain name to upload your web album, you will find on our website a free and easy tutorial on how you can get your own Web presence, register your own .com or .name domain and and upload your web photo album to your own website. You can also create custom web albums to match website design, add copyright lines to the generated photo albums and much more!
AAA Web Album
AAA Web Album
Version 2.10
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